Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Real Reason We're Sleepless in Seattle

Apparently there are 88 Starbucks retail stores with 5 miles from my house. And across the street from the closest is a Tully's, with Cafe Ladro (my local source for caffeinated goodness) two storefronts down. Just a few more months until I can fulfill my dream of being a barista.

Link from latte-lacking Kristen.

Monday, January 24, 2005

What do you mean they're not approved by the FDA?

Saturday I was feeling very blah. Not sick, exactly, but not well, so I was extremely cranky as we ran errands. In search of a pick-me-up, I sampled a few new (to me) beverages.

While the Wonder Drink boasted of some pretty amazing benefits, the taste and cost were a bit prohibitive.

I had better luck with Zipfizz. Sugar free, with a nice grapefruit flavor, fiz, and lots of vitamins and electrolyes to aid in "workin' it," I figured I couldn't go too wrong. And it comes in test tubes. You know something must be safe and effective if it comes in test tubes.
Trail Note

After too many days off from running last week, I got back on track yesterday with a 10 miler. The weather was perfect: overcast, temps in the mid-50's, and damp, but no rain. I ran along the Burke-Gilman trail, which is a great trail for a long training run. It's pretty flat, but not boring pancake flat (like the Interurban trail in the Kent/Auburn area), and the miles are marked. I ran a very consistent 8:30 minute/mile pace throughout the run, which isn't bad.

Eventually, I'd like to feel comfortable running a long run at a 8 minute/mile pace, which would make a Boston Marathon qualifying time very achievable: 8 minutes / mile x 26.2 miles = 3 hours 30 minutes, allowing 10 minutes for extenuating circumstances (extra time to get over the start line, bathroom stops, slowing down over the last few miles, etc).

With 3 weeks to go till our half marathon, I just need to keep up the mid-week runs, and try to keep the snacking to a minimum to try to lose a few pounds before the race.

Friday, January 21, 2005

I know what we won't be doing this weekend

Grrr... First it's cold but dry; now that we're getting inches upon inches upon feet of rain, it's 60 degrees. At least I didn't waste money on a season pass.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Trail Note

After spending half the day not writing performance appraisals for work and waiting for the rain to let up a little to go for my run, I finally had to face facts and decide whether or not I was running today. Waiting to run means waiting to eat lunch and waiting to shower, and waiting to shower means waiting to go to the grocery store, and next thing I know it's the afternoon and I haven't gotten any errands done. I pulled out the latest edition of Runner's World magazine for inspiration and found it pretty quickly. There was an article on winter running gear that started out saying something about how if we waited for perfect running conditions, we'd never run. So, the conditions weren't perfect, but as I have a half-marathon coming up in less than a month, I got on the road.

Once I got going, it really wasn't so bad. Yes, it was raining steadily, but it was lighter than it looked, and it was a very pleasant 50 degrees. I ran the 7 mile loop around Lake Washington, and around mile 5 or so the rain did lighten up to a typical Seattle misty drizzle. I felt pretty good throughout the run, although I worried around the 4 mile mark that I might run out of steam too early. I made it, however, and am feeling pretty good. My longest run this season was an 8-miler a week ago, and next weekend I need to hit at least 9 miles to be on track for the half.

I've been pretty good about logging miles these past few weeks, as one of my goals this year is to run a marathon in Boston qualifying time (3:40). The current plan is to run Portland or (if I can get a bid) the Marine Corps marathon, both of which are in October. So less than 9 months to go... gotta get serious!
The Vegas Review

Since I'm probably the only person who hadn't been to Las Vegas before last Friday, none of this will be much of a surprise, but Vegas is really something! I spent most of the weekend gawking. Some highlights:
  • The monorail: yes, Jeff and I sang the opening line from the Simpsons episode every single time (and we rode it at least 1/2 dozen times) we got onboard.
  • Dinner at the Red Square restaurant: Russian caviar, vodka cocktails, lobster and black truffle fettucine... a meal (and Visa bill) to remember.
  • The Blue Man Group: what a fun show; I have a fantastic picture with one of the boys in blue that I'll have to post soon.
  • The gambling: this consisted of about an hour of playing 25 cent slots while waiting for one of those free drinks I kept seeing everyone walking around with. $25 and a Heineken later, I'd had enough.
All in all, we did pretty well. No big wins, but no big losses. We had a few bus adventures, but managed to get everywhere we needed to go on time - no missed planes or reservations. It was really nice walking around in the warm sunlight (as I watch the rain pour down outside today).

Friday, January 14, 2005

Vegas, Baby!

The school applications are all in, I've posted for the one job that might inspire me to delay school (or go at night), and it's time to escape this ridiculously cold NW winter for warmer party climes.

We're off this afternoon. Maybe we'll come back rich. Or at least more relaxed, which is richness in itself.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Back on Track

Apparently the next Harry Potter film is going to open on my birthday this year. While I thought that the third film was the best in the series, the spring release just felt wrong. I'm already looking forward to that cold rainy wait in the rain outside the Cinerama next November!

Note: While looking for the Harry Potter news link, I stumbled upon this story. Ack! Franz F., while I'd love to hear you back HP, don't let this cause a breakup!! I need to you keep touring and recording!
We have a governor!

.... a legally contested one, but law and order has prevailed in Washington State.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Food Notes

Have I mentioned how excited I am that Iron Chef America, the fantastic special that aired a few months ago, is becoming a series? Yes, it was fun and quirky in its original Japanese form, but the recent American variation is just as entertaining, and is a great cooking tutorial as well. One of the best parts is the commentator, Alton Brown. I love his show Good Eats, and he brings great knowledge and his very quirky sense of humor to the competition.

Speaking of Alton, on tonight's episode on spices he kicked off the show in my favorite spice store, World Spice (recently featured on Jeff's site). I can't wait to try Alton's quick and easy vegetable curry recipe with our newly purchased whole curry mix.

Another Food TV meal I'm looking forward to preparing? The citrus based meal that Michael Chiarello made on a recent episode. Ruby red cocktails, chicken roasted with lemon and rosemary, lemon artichoke pasta, and a fennel tangerine salad are singing to me right now. Perfect to use my recently arrived holiday gift of honeybells! This meal, however, will require a little planning and fuss, so I'll have to plan the appropriate dinner party for this great meal.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

What 2004 Hit Song Are You?

Float On by Modest Mouse

"Bad news comes don't you worry even when it lands Good news will work its way to all them plans"
Laid back and real, people appreciated you for you are in 2004.

Link from Moire / Marci

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Three Things...

Three names you go by: Tricia, Trish, Patricia (not preferable)
Three screennames you have: pld807, Tricia, tdish
Three things you like about yourself: my sense of humor, my eyes, my intelligence
Three things you dislike about yourself: my sarcasm (when hurtful), my bad habits, those extra 10 pounds
Three parts of your heritage: German, Irish, Norwegian
Three things that scare you: heights, some social situations, going too fast
Three of your everyday essentials: water, food, companionship (I'm assuming air's a given)
Three things you are wearing right now: p.j.'s, robe, slippers (it's 8 am on a Sunday..)
Three things you want to try in the next 12 months: a Boston-qualifying marathon, grad school, travel to new places
Three things you want in a relationship (love is a given): trust, laughter, respect
Three things you just can't do: grow long fingernails, shop, pack lightly
Three of your favorite hobbies: running, reading, cooking
Three things you want to do really badly right now: eat breakfast, clear out the Christmas stuff, travel
Three careers you're considering: public policy work, consulting, barista
Three places you want to go on vacation: Japan (in March), Peru, New Zealand
Three kids names: Emily, Kathryn, Lillian
Three things you want to do before you die: travel more (to aforementioned places and others), have a family, make a difference in others' lives
Three people who have to take this quiz, or not: They don't have to, but I'd enjoy reading Kris, Brigita, and Jeff's versions

from Kristen, 'cause she asked nicely.
Happy New Year!