Monday, January 17, 2005

Trail Note

After spending half the day not writing performance appraisals for work and waiting for the rain to let up a little to go for my run, I finally had to face facts and decide whether or not I was running today. Waiting to run means waiting to eat lunch and waiting to shower, and waiting to shower means waiting to go to the grocery store, and next thing I know it's the afternoon and I haven't gotten any errands done. I pulled out the latest edition of Runner's World magazine for inspiration and found it pretty quickly. There was an article on winter running gear that started out saying something about how if we waited for perfect running conditions, we'd never run. So, the conditions weren't perfect, but as I have a half-marathon coming up in less than a month, I got on the road.

Once I got going, it really wasn't so bad. Yes, it was raining steadily, but it was lighter than it looked, and it was a very pleasant 50 degrees. I ran the 7 mile loop around Lake Washington, and around mile 5 or so the rain did lighten up to a typical Seattle misty drizzle. I felt pretty good throughout the run, although I worried around the 4 mile mark that I might run out of steam too early. I made it, however, and am feeling pretty good. My longest run this season was an 8-miler a week ago, and next weekend I need to hit at least 9 miles to be on track for the half.

I've been pretty good about logging miles these past few weeks, as one of my goals this year is to run a marathon in Boston qualifying time (3:40). The current plan is to run Portland or (if I can get a bid) the Marine Corps marathon, both of which are in October. So less than 9 months to go... gotta get serious!


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