Monday, January 17, 2005

The Vegas Review

Since I'm probably the only person who hadn't been to Las Vegas before last Friday, none of this will be much of a surprise, but Vegas is really something! I spent most of the weekend gawking. Some highlights:
  • The monorail: yes, Jeff and I sang the opening line from the Simpsons episode every single time (and we rode it at least 1/2 dozen times) we got onboard.
  • Dinner at the Red Square restaurant: Russian caviar, vodka cocktails, lobster and black truffle fettucine... a meal (and Visa bill) to remember.
  • The Blue Man Group: what a fun show; I have a fantastic picture with one of the boys in blue that I'll have to post soon.
  • The gambling: this consisted of about an hour of playing 25 cent slots while waiting for one of those free drinks I kept seeing everyone walking around with. $25 and a Heineken later, I'd had enough.
All in all, we did pretty well. No big wins, but no big losses. We had a few bus adventures, but managed to get everywhere we needed to go on time - no missed planes or reservations. It was really nice walking around in the warm sunlight (as I watch the rain pour down outside today).


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