Monday, December 27, 2004

Meme from A to Z (from Kristen)

Instructions: Clear the address bar in your browser, type in every letter of the alphabet, and list out the first URL on the history list.

A: the Duke online course catalog (dredging up undergrad classes for grad school apps)
B: blogger
C: yahoo calendar - March 19th, my flight to Tokyo
D: the Yeti
E: New Years Party Evite - the big bash on Capitol Hill
F: My Leadership Program website (also looked at for grad school apps)
G: Gadget Girl I'm finally realizing that this looks at the first alphabetical link, rather than the most recently linked site... (most recent being the Gates Foundation)
H: Brigita's comments
I: A picture of the spinach cakes that I made for Christmas dinner (recipe from Rachael Ray)
J: Jeff's site, of course
K: Knitty I browse the patterns (when someone else links them...)
L: Laura Pierce Consulting
M: yahoo mail
N: da bank
O: On the Snow maybe we'll see some white stuff one of these days; that snowboard is restless!
P: Pets Welcome (me thinks Jeff's mom may have been using my computer)
Q: no actual url; just a "quick install" for a palm update and a link to Jeff's Quicken file
R: My blog comments
S: MSN pointing out a typing error on my part
T: International calling codes grad school app asked for international numbers
U: Yahoo mail again; this time for attachments
V: Vegas, baby!! (searching for show tix for our trip next month)
W: the Weather Channel Jeff's folks checking out their driving route home
X: nada
Y: and again Yahoo
Z: the Sydney zoo (followed one of Kris' links the other day)


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