Tuesday, December 21, 2004

And then there were Cards

I went for a run tonight after work bemoaning the fact that holiday cards seemed to have gone out of fashion. Between Jeff and me, we had received about a half dozen holiday cards, including the one from Jeff's alumni association and the one from our newspaper deliverer.

I love holiday cards. Having moved around a fair bit, I have a lot of friends and family in far off places. I don't see them very often, but treasure their friendship. While email is great and convenient, sometimes it can be too convenient. Meaning: when you could drop a quick note anytime, it often means that I don't drop a line at all. Holiday cards are a chance to let people know that just because I haven't called or emailed or visited lately, I still care and think about you.

Tonight I found about a dozen cards in the mail; some for me, some for Jeff, some for us, and some for Dennis (our former housemate who moved out at least 18 months ago). Each card made me smile or laugh or sigh or all of the above (except for those addressed to Dennis; I didn't open them).

Thank you, if you're reading, for sending the cards. I promise that mine are on the way, even if they take 'till January to get out the door. (Jeff's are too; he's still nailing, though, so don't expect the usual amazing handmade creations).


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