Tuesday, November 23, 2004

This Post Brought to You By...

It's 3 weeks after the election, and we still don't have a governor-elect in the state of Washington. We live in the electronic age where we can vote for "play of the game" or answer trivia questions online and have votes talleyed real time, but we can't seem to count our votes for elected officials in less than a month.

Of course, major league sporting events are big money; elections are paid for by our tax dollars (which we in Washington like to vote to reduce year after year). Of course we're not going to invest millions and millions on electronic voting. Who would pay?

Unless, there's a potential for profit. Hmm, sponsorship potential. We sponsor sports stadiums, TV news, and half-time shows, why not sponsor an election? Great advertising: good for a company that wants to beef up it's patriotic image. Example:

This election is brought to you by Microsoft, where the results, like our software, are right the first time.

Just a thought.


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