Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Where have all the gamers gone?

In Seattle's University district, nestled between the Trader Joes, the Metro theatre, and the VW dealer, there used to be a storefront with anime and star wars characters on the windows and lots of men and boys sitting around tables playing games. I never went inside (I'm not sure what would have happened if a real female walked in), but I always liked knowing that a place like that existed. That people who were most likely ostracized in high school could go someplace and find others like them, others to play games with them. In a recent trip to the car dealership (my check engine light came on during the road trip; hundreds of miles from home while driving 70 mph in the mountains of northern California), I noticed that the store was empty. There were still a few anime drawings on the windows, but they were surrounded by "for rent" signs. I hope that it's just relocated, because I loved living in a city where there was a real place where gamers could go.


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