Friday, October 29, 2004

I hope the reference is not Lost on you

You are Jack. Self-appointed hero and doctor extraordinaire, it's your job to save everyone. You have little time for fun and games, but you do like a good stiff drink every now and then. You prefer your stitches black and have been known to make gross pasta comparisons. And if anyone needs CPR or a tracheotomy, you're the correct person to go to.

Which Lost Character Are You?
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Have I mentioned how I'm so loving this show right now? Except that I missed last week's episode while on vacation, and between the post-run shower, preparing and eating dinner, and the terrible reception that we get of ABC, only caught about half of this week's episode. I'm becoming one of those people who can't miss their shows: Wednesday is Lost day and Thursday's the Donald Day. I'm going to have to get a life (or tivo).

Quiz found via Brigita


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