Monday, December 14, 2015

Neighborhood Advent: Day 14, Experience 14

Today was an unusual neighborhood day.  I drove to Renton for a meeting, so spent more time in my car than walking around my work or home hood (this is very atypical for me).  So, no neighborhood discovery.  As I was driving home, however, I did have a Seattle Experience.  I was waiting at a stop light before getting on Aurora and there was someone at the intersection with sign - not an atypical sight.  He approached the car with his sign and I prepared my "I'm sorry" face and shrug.  Then I read his sign:  "Looking for a Sugar-Momma."  I laughed out loud, he broke into a big grin, and then pointed to his shirt, which had very blurred font and said something about being one beer short of a six-pack.  He flipped his sign around, and the other side asked if someone would complete his six-pack.  I really wished I had beer in my car to give to that guy instead of an empty coffee mug.  He then moved on to the car behind me and the light turned green.


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