Friday, December 04, 2015

Pioneer Square Advent - Day 4, Experience 3

 Another day in need of lunch, another opportunity for a New Advent Pioneer Square Experience (NAPSE? - better acronyms welcome).  I did a quick search and was reminded about the Berliner Doner Kebab.  I had heard from others about this place, but their reviews were all about the bread that made the doners special.  As I try to avoid bread, especially for lunch, I didn't think this would be a lunch spot for me.  But, lo and behold, they will take all of the tasty doner fillings and put them in a salad!

I got the beef and lamb salad which was a mix of greens, that special meat carved off a cone, lots and lots of feta, a spicy salsa of sorts (cucumber, tomatoes, herbs, onion, red cabbage), and a yoghurt and herb dressing.  It was a perfectly sized (for me) salad, with a ton of flavor.  I felt a bit guilty about the volume of feta, but not guilty enough to not eat it all.

As I was waiting for the salad (and it was a very short wait), I looked across the street and spied Jeff's office window - a funny way of remembering how close our offices are located.

For the record:  this not going to be a daily lunch report; it is merely coincidence that the first two days involved getting lunch out.  Also for the record:  blue sky in Seattle in December!


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