Thursday, November 12, 2015

Days 23 - 27 - Catching Up

So, day 27 here, which means only 2 more days to go!  Highlights of the last few days:
  • after a few good nights of sleep, there were several bad nights of sleep, then sleep got better again
  • sunchokes are tasty, but not tasty enough to warrant the horrible GI impacts (Jeff and I share this believe after eating them for dinner Sunday; I felt the way I feel after eating massive amounts of gluten - pretty terrible!)
  • I continue to buy almond butter, and continue to eat too much of it
  • I am so happy eating delicious, veggie-filled breakfasts - this is something that will need to carry past the 28 days
  • I'm not as sure about coconut milk - I like it, but I'm not sure if it's worth a special effort
  • confession - had a latte for breakfast Monday and am not feeling any guilt
  • double confession - ate dark chocolate yesterday; I definitely do have regrets.  It was a holiday for me, not Jeff, and I tend to snack a lot when I'm at loose ends in the house by myself for extended periods of time.  Instead of leaning into that and not snacking at all, I bought what I thought would be the least bad option, and then overindulged.  It was a missed opportunity to exercise a new, better way of managing my bad habits.
Day 27 meals:
Breakfast:  eggs with kale, red onion, squash, sweet potato
Lunch:  spaghetti squash with tomato sauce, bell peppers, onions, Italian sausage
Dinner:  sauteed red cabbage and onion; grilled fish
Snacks:  almonds, chocolate (way too much of each)


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