Friday, November 06, 2015

Day 21: Timely Advice

At the beginning of this eating plan, I signed up for a daily newsletter from the Whole30 people.  Today's newsletter was about media messages and how they can mess with us.  It was a great reminder - not just media today, but all of the media over time that has built up in my brain, feeding voices that had me hating myself as I was walking home from the pool this morning.  I've been mostly following this program for 3 weeks now, working out, going to work, and generally being a responsible member of society.  But here I was beating myself up for not being thin enough, disciplined enough, nice enough (I was very cranky to Jeff this morning), or good enough in every aspect of my life.  Note to self:  lighten up, self!  The one thing out of that long list that I do need to address is to stop being cranky towards the people around me, particularly those who have to put up with me the most and whom I care the most about.  Everything else will work itself out if I just get into a better mood.

Day 21 meals:
Breakfast:  stir fried veg with eggs, coffee with coconut milk
Lunch:  broccolini w/ pork chop (Wed l/o's), small apple
Dinner:  mixed green salad with grilled salmon
Snacks:  still TBD (dare we hope for none???)


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