Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Day 18: Focus on Strengths

This weekend I was getting really down on myself and decided (yesterday?) to focus on the strengths and assets that I bring to the table, rather than the bad habits / tendancies that I've been focusing on.  This is how our management system at work is supposed to work (focus on enhancing and utilizing strengths rather than trying to "fix" weaknesses), and while we still need to think about how to overcome or mitigate our trouble spots, it's very productive to try to leverage our strengths as much as possible.

When it comes to this eating program, I actually am in a pretty great situation!  A not-comprehensive list:
  • I love vegetables, protein, spices, and fresh, non-processed food
  • I am a terrific planner, and particularly love to plan meals
  • I can afford high quality food
  • I have the luxury of time to prepare / plan / shop for good food
  • I love to cook and am quite good at preparing delicious, varied, compliant meals
  • The only other person I cook for also loves to eat this way and doesn't "need" or "demand" to have food at the table or in the house that I would find tempting.  He can eat all the cereal he wants. :) 
  • I am healthy and active and already have good fitness habits
Day 18 Meals:
Breakfast:  eggs, veg, sweet potato, avocado
Lunch: seared tuna with seaweed salad, mixed greens, pickled onions and ginger
Dinner:  stir fried bell peppers, carrots, green onion, tofu
Snacks:  small apple, almonds


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