Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 10: Psst, shh!

So, here's my dirty little secret:  I'm taking a break from this plan on day 29, so it's really more accurate to say that I'm following a 95%-whole-28 plan.  Weeks? months? ago we bought tickets to a beer tasting event on November 14th.  If I'd stuck to my guns the first time I started this a few weeks ago, I'd have gotten a full 30 days in prior to this event, but I reset on day 4 and here we are.  I did decide in advance of the restart that I was not going to miss this event, so regardless of how these 28 days go, I am pausing on the 14th.  Then comes my birthday, then Thanksgiving, then we're into full-on holidays, so I am motivated to stay on track for the next few weeks to build positive momentum running into those events.  I keep fast-forwarding to these events in my head, so need to keep my head firmly in today; I will plan for post-not-quite-whole-not-full-30 life when I'm further along this current path.  One day at a time.

Day 10 Meals:
Breakfast:  breakfast casserole (similar to last week's, but with cauliflower instead of sweet potato and swiss chard instead of kale), coffee with coconut milk, frozen mango
Lunch:  leftover chili with guacamole and mixed greens with oil and vinegar
Dinner:  Mixed green salad with smoked pork chop, small apple, hazelnuts, oil, vinegar
Snacks: dried peaches, almonds


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