Monday, October 19, 2015

Day 3 - The Exceptions

To truly follow the official Whole30, one has to follow it completely - no exceptions.  The rules are extremely clear.  Ironically, the only time I've done this successfully is the one time that I didn't know that I was following the official Whole30.  I was just following an elimination diet that other friends were on while getting guidance and instructions from nutritionists.  Since then, I've made some accommodations that make it more livable for me and still pretty true to the original plan.  When I try to make too many exceptions, it doesn't work at all - give me 24 hours and the one planned "cheat day" turns into cheat month.  However, if I have to ask what's in the vinaigrette every time I order a salad having already requested it without the cheese and croutons, I would no longer eat out, which would create counterproductive resentment at a plan that is already rigorous enough.  So, if there are any whole30 nutrition experts who might read this and wonder how it is possible to get bacon or a papaya salad that doesn't contain sugar, wonder no longer.  'Nuff said.

Day 3 Meals:
Breakfast:  leftover breakfast casserole, coffee with coconut milk
Lunch:  Vietnamese papaya/mango/lotus salad with steamed shrimp
Dinner:  roasted cauliflower, fennel, red onion with grilled lamb
Snacks:  small apple, almond butter, frozen mango, espresso with cream


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