Thursday, October 22, 2015

Day 6 - Focus on the Positive

For the record, it's mid-day 6 and I have started noticing some slight differences from the plan.  I just look better rested - clearer skin, brighter eyes, less puffy face.  Clothes that were feeling too tight are not quite as tight (very small difference at this point, but it's a start!).  I've felt a little more tired the last few days, but haven't had that "hit by a truck" feeling (yet).  No stomach ache or gerdy feeling (about 98% sure that's all about the gluten).  I need to remember all of this every time I think about quitting (which is fairly often). 

Day 6 Meals:
Breakfast:  last of the breakfast casserole (for this week; definitely making another this weekend!), small apple, coffee w/ coconut milk
Lunch:  leftover steak, roasted brussel sprouts, pureed parsnips
Dinner:  arugula salad with hazelnuts, dried apricots, oil and vinegar, meat TBD
Snacks:  goal is none, but still TBD


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