Thursday, October 22, 2015

Day 5 - One Day at a Time

I actually thought about quitting last night with something as lame as a few chocolate chips.  Or a few chunks of cheese.  Or whatever I could find that I could make a lame excuse about.  Instead, I ate almond butter accompanied by guilt.  I finally brushed my teeth and called it done and vowed to do better in the future (and not replace the almond butter once it is gone).  It's always easy to say that the day is going well in the morning.  Much harder in the evening when I'm tired and just looking for a way to forget about the stressful stuff in life.  So, must develop countermeasures - what will I do (in addition or alternative to brushing my teeth and going to bed) that can counteract these itchy twitchy urges that I've previous addressed with snacking and drinking.  More to come.

Day 5 Meals:
Breakfast:  2 hard boiled eggs, pear
Lunch:  leftover roast chicken, broccoli, squash
Dinner:  green salad with grilled salmon (out at the local pub)
Snacks:  almonds, almond butter


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