Thursday, October 22, 2015

Day 4 - Nuts and Crutches

One of the many reasons that I'm doing this eating plan is to reset some bad habits.  One of those habits is snacking.  Snacking is not inherently bad; eating small portions of healthy things between meals when hungry is a good thing.  I, however, have a habit of snacking beyond that - mindlessly and endlessly when bored or tired or hungry.  This current plan makes this much more difficult - no chips or popcorn allowed - but, I can have nuts.  And so salty nuts and nut-butters have been my downfall.  I've let it slide in the past as a crutch to get me through the 30 days, meaning to cut back, but rarely making progress.  This time, however, I mean to work harder in this area.  As soon as I finish this canister of almonds....

Day 4 Meals:
Breakfast:  leftover breakfast casserole, coffee with coconut milk
Lunch:  Cobb salad w/o cheese; with oil and vinegar
Dinner:  Veggie slaw w/ fish sauce, lime juice, oil, smoked salmon
Snacks:  1/2 apple, almond butter, frozen mango, almonds


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