Sunday, November 01, 2015

Day 15: Halfway There!

By the end of this workweek, I was feeling very sick of the same old foods.  I normally can't stop planning meals, and yesterday there was nothing that sounded good.  Then I read an article about stuffed pumpkin in Pacific NW magazine and was inspired (the featured recipe included bread and gruyere cheese and sounded amazing, but I also thought some kind of cabbage, bacon, squash combo would be good), thus the roasted delicata squash with bok choy (from the CSA box) and bacon (local butcher) combo.  This morning I made Jeff oatmeal with sauteed apples and combined my portion of apples with some of the leftover squash (cook once, eat twice!) and slow-scrambled eggs.  Wow, so good!  The sweetness of the squash was amped up with by the apples which also added a little crunch and acidity - with the soft eggs the combo was perfect - fall paleo on a plate.

Day 15 Meals:
Breakfast:  2 scrambled eggs with 1/2 roasted delicata squash, 1 small apple
Lunch: chicken soup with leeks, mushrooms, celeriac
Dinner:  curried mussels w/ veg (red curry paste, coconut milk, mussels, ginger, julienned zucchini, red onion, bell pepper)
Snacks: dried apples, almonds


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