Thursday, December 03, 2015

Pioneer Square Advent - Day 3, Experiences 1 and 2

I am fortunate to work in the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle, nestled between Stadiums, the International District, and the waterfront, and home to art galleries, coffee shops, internet start-ups, curiosity shops, and up-and-coming eating and drinking establishments. Today was one of those rare days when I didn't have a lunch from home, so I decided to try something new (even rarer).  As I walked back from my office with my very tasty, affordable, and healthy lunch, I realized just how little I get out and explore my work 'hood - beyond, of course, coffee.

So, a pledge:  get out and try new things.  And a hook:  each work day in December, try something new in Pioneer Square and take a picture.  I'll try to post the photos with brief descriptions here and the photos will also post to my Flickr feed.

Today I took a tour of the new First Hill Streetcar.  It should start service early in 2016 - no official date yet.  I also tried a new eatery (too late to get a photo of my gaba bowl), so 2 for 3 December days down!
View from First Hill Street Car - looking east


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