Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Neighborhood Advent: Day 9, Experience 8

Today I discovered the Last Resort Fire Department.  I actually learned about it a few days ago when researching Pioneer Square, but since the museum's winter hours of operation are limited to Wednesdays from 11 - 3, I had to wait until today.  Jeff met me at the museum (it is almost exactly halfway between our offices, one block for each) where we were greeted by an extremely friendly volunteer.  I assume this gentleman is a retired firefighter; he told us one excellent story about one of the historic engines and I'm sure he would have loved to regale us with more had we prompted him.

If you are at all interested in Seattle history, engines of any kind, and/or firefighting, get yourself down to 301 2nd Ave S on a Wednesday between 11 and 3 and make a little donation while you're at it.


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