Friday, July 28, 2006

Just for the Record

I believe in Floyd Landis.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Speaking of cycling and fast red-headed climbers...

...Jeff will be heading down to Mt. Rainier tomorrow morning (so early, it's really late tonight) to ride the RAMROD.

Good luck!!
A Celebration of Floyd and Beer

A friend of mine a work has decided that his summer goal is to ride to Redhook Brewery in Woodinville (just shy of 20 miles from the office) and enjoy a pint and a bite (perhaps more than one). Riding home is negotiable. In his email inviting others to join him in this quest, he attached a link or two about Floyd's return from behind and the famous mystery beer he consumed the night before the ride. Very entertaining.

So, grab your favorite brew and raise a glass (or bottle) to Floyd and cycling.
Marriage Rights Supporters Singing the Blues in a Not So Blue State

The Washington Supreme Court just issued its decision today about the constitutionality of WA's defense of marriage act (the law that states that marriage can only be between one man and one woman). It was a pretty close call (5-4) with a strongly worded dissenting opinion about how this law descriminates against Washington's gay and lesbian citizens.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Catching Up

All quiet on the blogging front as a stress-filled couple of weeks have passed by. I had originally been planning for a relaxing summer, but somehow working 3/4-time, starting on my degree project (masters thesis equivalent), and wedding planning along with all of the normal extraneous summer stuff has added up to be not-so-relaxing.

I just returned from a long weekend visiting my parents in Virginia - my last trip out to Wedding Headquarters before Jeff and I travel out for the actual event. It was both productive and pleasant, despite hot and humid temperatures, a power outage, and a hectic agenda. I always like to travel to VA this time of year to remember how much I enjoy cool and dry Seattle summers. Ironically, however, it has been hotter in Seattle than it was in Virginia this weekend. It's funny to hear everyone complain about the heat here (they sound like I did when I first walked outside Dulles into the hot and humid morning on Thursday). To their credit, almost no one has air conditioning, few have ceiling fans (fortunately Jeff installed one in the bedroom last year) and houses aren't exactly designed to catch cross-breezes. Evenings that are perfectly pleasant outside are very hot and stuffy in upper floor bedrooms.

The weekend before this I ran the Seafair Triathlon. I was going to write up a whole race report, but considering how much time has passed, suffice it to say that I had a lot of fun, the weather was perfect, and I was very pleased with my time (1:19:25; two minutes faster than when I did the same race in 2003). Next up is the Beaver Lake Tri in August. This is actually the same race as my very first triathlon which I did in 1996, and I've done it at least twice more since.

I'm feeling a bit more relaxed this week now that more wedding details are finalized and I've decided that I'm only going to try to be 1/3 done with my degree project by 9/15 (rather than the initial over-optimistic goal of 1/2 complete). We also have evenings back now that the Tour is over (woo hoo, Landis!!). So, not relaxing, but hopefully a little less stressful. There's still more summer to be enjoyed.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Summer Reading Club

The (9? 10? year old) daughter of a co-worker is in the office today curled up with a book in an armchair that looks out over the lake. Add 20-something degrees to the outside air temp, flash back 20-something years, cross 20-something states and there I am.
Green Lady, Your Siren Song Sounds Sweet Once Again

Now that it's summer time again (well, excepting this cold and rainy week), lattes have lost their warming appeal. I've never been a fan of iced coffee, and while iced tea is tasty, it's not something I'd pay for unless it's a bottomless glass with a meal for $1.25 or less. Frappuccinos just seem too rich to be refreshing and too icey to be a milk shake replacement. Starbucks seems to have anticipated my summer drink ennui, however, and have introduced a new frosty treat to tempt my summer tastebuds.

The Pomegranate Frappuccino Juice Blend is sweet, but not-too-sweet with a refreshing tartness. While it's rather high in sugar, I don't feel too guilty about the occasional indulgence because of all those crazy antioxidants. Next: must try the tangerine variety: 1/3 less calories and tons of vitamin C!

Ah, the sweet taste of summertime! (Now, if only we'd see the sun some time again...)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What I Did Over My Summer Vacation Long Holiday Weekend

- Smokers (best onion rings ever) fix at the JR
- 8 mile run (longest run since Boston) along the beach at Alki
- World Cup watching
- Tour watching
- Wedding invite preparation (assisting Jeff)
- Last episodes of Battlestar Galactica DVD
- Brunch with my sister, catching her up on all of the latest not-so-exciting wedding details
- Tour watching
- More wedding invites
- First corn-on-the-cob of the season (delicious w/ chili-lime butter alongside fresh asparagus and a rib eye)
- Work (odd to have a Monday feel so like a Friday)
- More Tour watching
- More wedding invites
- Still more Tour watching
- A hot 'n hilly bike ride through country roads and new suburbs (note to self: check bike routes from 10 year old "off the beaten path" route book against current maps)
- Beer and brats w/ saurcraut and grilled onions and peppers
- Fireworks (could see the ones from Elliot Bay and Lake Union) viewed from a friend's amazing house's rooftop

Now my legs are tired and I'm tired of wedding invites. I'm not, however, tired of the Tour. Exciting days ahead!