Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Neighborhood Advent: Day 19, Experience 19

We've been spending the last few Christmases with Jeff's parents in Colorado, and thus haven't gotten our own tree.  Despite traveling again this year, we decided it was time for a tree.  After all, we're only away for 5 days, and the tree season is about 3 weeks in our home.  And, our oldest nephew is now old enough to help decorate and enjoy the tree.  Judah came over on Saturday to participate in this ritual, having been primed by a facetime conversation with my parents where they showed him their tree and several of the ornaments that my sister and I have made and/or hung when we were kids.

Jeff and Judah focused on the ornaments while I prepped cookies to decorate.  Note that they are both wearing bells and hats.  Many oohs, ahhs, and sprinkles followed.  Hot chocolate and cookies were consumed.  There were a few cranky Grinch moments (I should have been wearing the hat), but overall a fun holiday experience.


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