Sunday, August 31, 2008

Feeling Guilty?

Own your own failure.

from Mighty Girl

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Catch Up

Since others are catching up on blogs after only a few days break, I supposed I could check in after a month off! Excuses: busy at work, kinda busy at home, Olympics tv distraction, internet connectivity issues, blah, blah, lame. There have also been some more sober events involving accidents/losses for family and friends.

Fun things of note this past month:
- Attended a Cuban liberation party; a most excellent theme involving yummy food, cocktails, and cigars
- Completed our second half-Iron-distance triathlon; Jeff kicked almost 1/2 hour off of his time, and I was happy to cut ~ 4 minutes off of mine. The best part was being relaxed and understanding all of the logistics, allowing us to focus on the fun part of the race.
- Started planning for a major bathroom remodel. This has been surprisingly fun to plan for, although we're cutting it a bit close. We just started planning on Saturday, and my dad's coming out in 3 1/2 weeks for a few days to help Jeff with the plumbing and tiling. Any remodel tips from those who have been through it are very welcome.

Upcoming fun:
- Bumbershoot: we'll be seeing Band of Horses, Neko Case, Grinch, Nada Surf, and more this Saturday! (unfortunately, ticket prices and home project demands have made it a one-day only event this year)
- High Pass Challenge - ride to Mt. St. Helens; complete with camping (very nervous about the ride)
- for Jeff only - MMM's bachelor party in New Orleans (me, jealous?)
- Project Remodel Weekend with Dad (I really hope this is fun)
- for T only - celebration #3 for my sister's marriage in Rhode Island
- slight pause
- MMM & A's Wedding!