Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Same Old Story..

Long time, no post. A few things have been going on recently, primarily involving finals, interviews (both information gathering and position seeking), and working/worrying about my DP (degree project - master's thesis equivalent).

I turned in my last final Sunday night, a 12 - 15 page (single space) paper. I was so anxious to get it in Right Then that I didn't give it a good going over before hitting send (we could turn in a paper version Monday or email an electronic version Sunday night). I wasn't until Monday morning when a friend asked how I was sourcing references that I realized that I sort of forgot that whole part of the paper. I included some footnotes, but when I opened up the document to check them I found one footnote that read something like "I still need to find the original source of this data." Now I'm just hoping to pass this class.

I still have a lot to do for the DP (originally scheduled for completion 12/15/06 - now hoping to be complete by 2/15/07) over break as well as catch up on hours at work. But our holiday party is this afternoon, our tree at home is up and decorated, and I'm getting into the spirit of things. I'll be running the "12 K's of Christmas" this Sunday, so anyone in the Seattle area interested in a cold and hilly 7.4 mile jaunt, just let me know!