Monday, January 04, 2016

Neighborhood Advent Update

Those last few days before Christmas were a little busier than I expected, so the last Advent Event was on the 19th - 19 for 19.  I really enjoyed the experience and will try to remember to get out and explore a little more often.

Some favorites:
  • best new-to-me lunch spot:  Gaba Sushi
  • best dinner-and-a-show:  Cafe Nordo
  • best holiday event:  Holiday Ships
  • best wow-can't-believe-this-was-here-all-along discovery:  the Last Resort Fire Department
  • best art:  bicycle wheel public art in the alley
Now, perhaps it's time to think about resolutions.  I like resolving to do more, not less; focusing on the positive is much more fun and, I think, productive.  I am leaning towards ones like read more books, see more movies, and experience more art.  But, I'll get a little clearer on this and report back.  Stay tuned for more experiences in 2016; Happy New Year!


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