Friday, February 13, 2009

A Valentine Wish

I'm watching You've Got Mail, because I'm a total sap who can watch this film a million times. Anyway, in addition to to the romance and the architecture, it's a tale about the loss of small local business due to the big boxes.

Jeff and I always celebrate our birthdays with a fancy meal out, birthday boy/girl choice. This year, Jeff selected Portage, after considering other newer, trendier, hipper spots. His reason: it's amazing and local, and did we really want to bemoan the loss of that wonderful local treasure that we complain about losing due to low sales (what were they thinking?), but that we didn't frequent.

So, if you are celebrating Valentine's Day (or President's Day, or your birthday, or just a night you don't want to cook), please eat local, even if the cuisine is global.

(Note: we normally avoid restaurants on Valentine's Day at all costs, but we'll be in Vancouver this weekend for a race, so it's inevitable. We've got reservations here.)

Monday, February 09, 2009

Tri-Training Update

It's been over 2 months since we've officially been "training" for our upcoming Ironman triathlon. Fortunately for my career, but unfortunate for said training, the beginning of my training period coincided with the beginning of my new job. I've taken over my former supervisor's role, which has lead to a very busy work schedule and associated stress. I'm still doing the old job and we have another vacancy on the team, which has meant trying to learn a new job, doing an old job, and trying to train a temporary employee. This, combined with a few non-Seattle-like weeks of snow and freezing temps, has not been great for the training.

What's going well:
Swimming: I've been swimming twice a week consistently since December, and am already swimming more than twice as much as I ever trained for my two half-iron-distance tri's.
Running: I'm running three times a week consistently, and I've gotten up to 12 miles for my long run. I still need to up the shorter runs in distance, but this is feeling pretty good.

What's not on track:
Cycling: I have a hard time making it to early morning (need sleep!) or post-work spin classes (leave the office at 5 pm?!?) and I also have a hard time getting out for long weekend rides in the cold (early darkness and drippy days don't help). I'm commuting regularly and have done some weekend rides, but the time-in-saddle is not where it should be by now.
Strength and core work: I just haven't gotten into a good routine. No good or lame excuses for this one.
Weight loss: I've held pretty steady with my weight, but I should be losing about a pound a week to be where I'd like to be for the race. I need to eat like I'm in training and cut out the junk. Again, no excuses, just a need to shift my attitude and do the difficult work of changing habits. Post dinner snacking is my downfall.

I can see my body changing with the training. I'm building muscle mass in my arms, back, thighs, and calves. I guess it's a tri-thing when jeans are tightest around the calves and you have a hard time zipping up boots that extend past the ankle.

I've had to adjust my expectations for the race and now am aiming for a finish without injury or too much pain. Technically, this was my expectation all along, but I must admit I had fantasies of finishing in 12 hours. Unfortunately, this just encourages thoughts of the next Ironman...