Friday, February 13, 2009

A Valentine Wish

I'm watching You've Got Mail, because I'm a total sap who can watch this film a million times. Anyway, in addition to to the romance and the architecture, it's a tale about the loss of small local business due to the big boxes.

Jeff and I always celebrate our birthdays with a fancy meal out, birthday boy/girl choice. This year, Jeff selected Portage, after considering other newer, trendier, hipper spots. His reason: it's amazing and local, and did we really want to bemoan the loss of that wonderful local treasure that we complain about losing due to low sales (what were they thinking?), but that we didn't frequent.

So, if you are celebrating Valentine's Day (or President's Day, or your birthday, or just a night you don't want to cook), please eat local, even if the cuisine is global.

(Note: we normally avoid restaurants on Valentine's Day at all costs, but we'll be in Vancouver this weekend for a race, so it's inevitable. We've got reservations here.)


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