Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another Bike Post

This one is for Eileen and anyone else who read my slightly whiny post about our rough cycling summer (that sat out there forever without a new post to push it down into archives).

Sunday I had a terrific ride around the north end of Lake Washington. We've been having a gorgeous September in Seattle (payback for our gloomy August) and Sunday was perfect-for-anything-outdoors-weather with deep blue skies and temps topping out in the mid-70's. There was a moderately strong north wind, so I planned a ride (on advice of Jeff) that started to the north and end up with a tailwind. I headed south along the west coast of Lake Washington, crossed the I-90 bridge going east (closer to traffic, farther from the drop to the water; best direction for a cyclist with a fear of hights). After crossing Mercer Island, I headed north through Bellevue then Kirkland to the long and memorable Juanita Hill. Then back to the familiar Burke Gilman trail and south towards home. About 2 miles from home I got a flat, but I took some time in Gas Works Park to successfully patch it for the ride home. The upside of all of the flats I've gotten commuting is that I'm a much more adept flat-fixer now. ;)

Turns out Jeff took a similar route with his testosterone-ride, but I started much later, slower, and without a few extra hills I'm sure were thrown into his ride. He's feeling back on form, though, which is good considering that he's riding this in just a few very short weeks.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Peace, Love, and Eat Doggie Biscuits*

Friday, I took the bus to work. There was an elderly Asian man giving out origami cranes made from newspaper ads to anyone who smiled at him. He didn't seem to speak English, just smiled and nodded as he watched the enjoyment of the recipients of his cranes. I showed mine to a friend when I got to the office and told her the story. She, too, had received a crane from the Origami Man, and smiled to know that he was still riding the busses, spreading smiles and peace.

*This was how a school friend (now famous) signed my yearbooks.