Saturday, September 30, 2006


I've made a set on flickr of our wedding photos. I only had the ones the I took and a few from my parents. Hopefully we'll get more soon.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Despite Lack of Photographic Evidence...

Jeff and I did indeed get married and are home again, complete with head colds (Jeff's in full bloom; mine's almost over) and jet lag. We're jumping back into the swing of things, but it will be later this weekend before we find a few (and there are just a few from our rarely-used cameras and a few more from my dad's) pictures to share.

All went well, despite a few close misses and mishaps (pouring rain 2 hours before our outdoor wedding, me almost eating a huge spinach salad for my pre-wedding lunch, the D.J. misinterpreting Jeff's must play CD as a "optional" play list, and almost missing the flight home from Munich to D.C.).

Some highlights:
- Getting married (it was actually fun)
- Seeing family and old friends, if only for a few brief moments
- Drinking a beer or two in the huge Oktoberfest beer tents
- Smelling the piney freshness of the Black Forrest
- Amazing bread with cheese and musli for breakfast every morning (I'm on a bit of a cheese fix now)
- Returning home

Thursday, September 07, 2006

To BAA or Not BAA; That is the Question

Registration for the 2007 Boston Marathon opened yesterday. The BAA also just announced that they're going to start the race 2 hours earlier this year: 10 am as opposed to the traditional noon start (much better for running). My qualifying race in October was in the small window of time that makes me eligible for two Bostons: '06 and '07. Pretty tempting...

But I promised myself that I wouldn't do another race this year. After initially finishing Boston (and the entire second half of the race, for that matter) I started convincing myself that I wouldn't do another marathon. How do you improve upon qualifying for Boston? The answer: you improve upon how you do Boston. I really think I could do it better, enjoy it more, run it faster. I'm going to try to get into the Marine Corps Marathon next fall (a race I'd always thought about doing, in my parents backyard, flat and scenic) to qualify for Boston '08 (and since I'll be 35 in April 2008 I'll get 5 extra minutes) and then really train on hills. But not until next year. I'm going to take this winter off, just keep my toe in with a few half marathons, and then start training next spring in earnest, re-energized.

And yet...
If You Can't Say Something Nice Not Wedding-Related...

If anyone wants to chat about weddings, hear details, etc. just leave a note in the comments. Otherwise, expect radio silence for the next few weeks around here. :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Where Am I?

Someone just commented to Jeff and me that it must be great to have seen the world (you know, 'cause we were in the Navy and all). Unfortunately, I only saw little bits and pieces for very brief periods of time. I have, however, seen lots and lots of ocean and sky, which should not be discounted. I also took 3 cross-country road trips thanks to Navy-ordered (and personally requested) cross-country moves, which means I got to see a fair amount of the US, although I seemed to miss some states in the middle and on top (those that don't have either I-90 or I-40 running through them). In the next month, I plan to check off a few more countries (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), which I'm pretty excited about.

Here's where I've been so far:

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Where have you been?

Thanks, Eileen, for the cool map-links!