Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Everyone Celebrates Thanksgiving by Eating Turkeys..."

If you enjoyed the Sarah Palin turkey pardon video, you should check out the Woodland Park Zoo turkey toss. Fun for the whole family!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

As I was considering what book to read next, I happened upon the Yeti's NaNoReMo08 post, so decided to join in the fun that is reading about a pedophile. I saw the Kubrick movie version years ago and remember being surprised by how good it was, so had some hopes for the book. So far, it's very well written, although it's getting a bit tedious. Since I'm still early on, I'm not positive I'm going to make it through, but we'll see.

Happy reading!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Note to Self

When feeling a bit blah and in need of a pick-me-up, remember that a beautifully pulled latte served in a real mug with a small piece of high-quality chocolate sipped in a charming cafe that has reading material like the New Yorker can be just the ticket.

Monday, November 10, 2008

November Notes

First, I must say that I can't believe that we're firmly into November. Fall is my favorite season and it just flies by faster than I can manage. The weather, however, is confirming the season. Last Monday, the first weekday of the month, dawned dark and very rainy. It was a bit of a shock for the bike-commuter who had become accustomed to dry and mostly light rides in what turned out to be an amazing October weather-wise.

Hungry Like a Wolf

Last Monday we finally dined at How to Cook a Wolf. We had been meaning to dine there for a very long time, but between the restaurant's crowds and our infrequent meals out, it just hadn't happened. What finally drove us there was that one of Jeff's co-workers visiting from Ohio had eaten at the amazingly reviewed place in our neighborhood, but we had not. Anyway, it did not disappoint. The atmosphere was cosy, casual, and romantic. The service was friendly and professional. The food was delicious. The wine was perfectly paired. Highlights of the meal include the seared venison and the porcini soup.

Clowns + Economy = Scary

We had our annual Falloween festivities on Halloween this year. This is the last time that we'll host on a Friday night (too hard to prepare for; guests and hosts are too tired on Friday) and on Halloween Actual (too many other things going on). Our party, despite the small numbers, was fun, however, with good treats and tricks and fun costumes. Our theme was batman-esque with bats and clowns. I was "batgirl" with plastic baseball bats, a ball cap, baseball t-shirt, batman emblems on hat on shirt and hat, utility belt, etc. and Jeff was a very colorful and slightly frightening clown. One of my favorite costumes was worn by a friend who is currently working for WAMU, who wore a business suit and a sign around his neck "Will Bank for Food." Fits with the scary theme.

Food = Love

Uninspired in the kitchen this week, I remembered the meal that my cousin made for us when we visited her in San Francisco last February: paprika chicken from the original Joy of Cooking. It was simple and delicious, a perfect meal for a chilly Bay evening. Since this was from the Joy that I remember from childhood, as I was making this meal, I imagined my cousin eating this recipe that her mom, my dad's sister, would make when she was a kid, and I felt a great connection to family, especially my paternal grandmother, who was a terrific cook and amazing hostess. My cousin has inherited her grace and talent for entertaining. While the dish didn't turn out quite as perfectly tonight, it will become a winter staple, and renewed family favorite.