Monday, July 24, 2006

Catching Up

All quiet on the blogging front as a stress-filled couple of weeks have passed by. I had originally been planning for a relaxing summer, but somehow working 3/4-time, starting on my degree project (masters thesis equivalent), and wedding planning along with all of the normal extraneous summer stuff has added up to be not-so-relaxing.

I just returned from a long weekend visiting my parents in Virginia - my last trip out to Wedding Headquarters before Jeff and I travel out for the actual event. It was both productive and pleasant, despite hot and humid temperatures, a power outage, and a hectic agenda. I always like to travel to VA this time of year to remember how much I enjoy cool and dry Seattle summers. Ironically, however, it has been hotter in Seattle than it was in Virginia this weekend. It's funny to hear everyone complain about the heat here (they sound like I did when I first walked outside Dulles into the hot and humid morning on Thursday). To their credit, almost no one has air conditioning, few have ceiling fans (fortunately Jeff installed one in the bedroom last year) and houses aren't exactly designed to catch cross-breezes. Evenings that are perfectly pleasant outside are very hot and stuffy in upper floor bedrooms.

The weekend before this I ran the Seafair Triathlon. I was going to write up a whole race report, but considering how much time has passed, suffice it to say that I had a lot of fun, the weather was perfect, and I was very pleased with my time (1:19:25; two minutes faster than when I did the same race in 2003). Next up is the Beaver Lake Tri in August. This is actually the same race as my very first triathlon which I did in 1996, and I've done it at least twice more since.

I'm feeling a bit more relaxed this week now that more wedding details are finalized and I've decided that I'm only going to try to be 1/3 done with my degree project by 9/15 (rather than the initial over-optimistic goal of 1/2 complete). We also have evenings back now that the Tour is over (woo hoo, Landis!!). So, not relaxing, but hopefully a little less stressful. There's still more summer to be enjoyed.


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