Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What I Did Over My Summer Vacation Long Holiday Weekend

- Smokers (best onion rings ever) fix at the JR
- 8 mile run (longest run since Boston) along the beach at Alki
- World Cup watching
- Tour watching
- Wedding invite preparation (assisting Jeff)
- Last episodes of Battlestar Galactica DVD
- Brunch with my sister, catching her up on all of the latest not-so-exciting wedding details
- Tour watching
- More wedding invites
- First corn-on-the-cob of the season (delicious w/ chili-lime butter alongside fresh asparagus and a rib eye)
- Work (odd to have a Monday feel so like a Friday)
- More Tour watching
- More wedding invites
- Still more Tour watching
- A hot 'n hilly bike ride through country roads and new suburbs (note to self: check bike routes from 10 year old "off the beaten path" route book against current maps)
- Beer and brats w/ saurcraut and grilled onions and peppers
- Fireworks (could see the ones from Elliot Bay and Lake Union) viewed from a friend's amazing house's rooftop

Now my legs are tired and I'm tired of wedding invites. I'm not, however, tired of the Tour. Exciting days ahead!


Blogger kristen said...

so who are you supporting in this year's tour? i'm going to go ahead and guess it's not one of the Discovery boys. :o)

i like zabriske, but he's an outside shot at best...

2:57 PM  
Blogger Tricia said...

I'm hoping for DZ to win the time trial and Floyd Landis to win the tour (if you hadn't guessed). ;)

What about you?

3:51 PM  

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