Thursday, July 06, 2006

Green Lady, Your Siren Song Sounds Sweet Once Again

Now that it's summer time again (well, excepting this cold and rainy week), lattes have lost their warming appeal. I've never been a fan of iced coffee, and while iced tea is tasty, it's not something I'd pay for unless it's a bottomless glass with a meal for $1.25 or less. Frappuccinos just seem too rich to be refreshing and too icey to be a milk shake replacement. Starbucks seems to have anticipated my summer drink ennui, however, and have introduced a new frosty treat to tempt my summer tastebuds.

The Pomegranate Frappuccino Juice Blend is sweet, but not-too-sweet with a refreshing tartness. While it's rather high in sugar, I don't feel too guilty about the occasional indulgence because of all those crazy antioxidants. Next: must try the tangerine variety: 1/3 less calories and tons of vitamin C!

Ah, the sweet taste of summertime! (Now, if only we'd see the sun some time again...)


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