Monday, January 24, 2005

Trail Note

After too many days off from running last week, I got back on track yesterday with a 10 miler. The weather was perfect: overcast, temps in the mid-50's, and damp, but no rain. I ran along the Burke-Gilman trail, which is a great trail for a long training run. It's pretty flat, but not boring pancake flat (like the Interurban trail in the Kent/Auburn area), and the miles are marked. I ran a very consistent 8:30 minute/mile pace throughout the run, which isn't bad.

Eventually, I'd like to feel comfortable running a long run at a 8 minute/mile pace, which would make a Boston Marathon qualifying time very achievable: 8 minutes / mile x 26.2 miles = 3 hours 30 minutes, allowing 10 minutes for extenuating circumstances (extra time to get over the start line, bathroom stops, slowing down over the last few miles, etc).

With 3 weeks to go till our half marathon, I just need to keep up the mid-week runs, and try to keep the snacking to a minimum to try to lose a few pounds before the race.


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