Monday, October 28, 2002

Pop This

I figured I was due for a little pop culture reference, so I have an anti-recommendation. Last Monday night I was sucked into TV land, so I tuned into the new David E. Kelly show, Girls Club. Now I was an Ally McBeal fan (like many others who don't admit it anymore) for a couple years, and watched and enjoyed Boston Public's first season, so I thought that this might actually be a good show (despite starring the annoying bad-nose job chick from Beverly Hills 90210). It wasn't. It was really really bad. I thought it was actually a bit offensive. There were no likable characters among the leads; they all seemed to hate their jobs and everyone they worked with. The young female characters were offended by the fact that they weren't respected by their male co-workers (they're all fresh out of school lawyers, by the way, so deserving of professional respect), and yet, they were extremely rude to the senior female lawyer in the firm. As I remarked before even seeing the show, anything that plays a Goo Goo Dolls song in a promo is bound to be bad.

I needed to read more anyway.


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