Monday, October 21, 2002

Trail Note

Saturday was my first run post-Chicago, so I decided to do the not-quite-4-mile loop around the top of the hill, slooowwwly. The leaves are just about at their peak here, and despite very gloomy weather, the neighborhood looked fall-tastic. I also had the pleasure of seeing what must be the end of the season's chestnut gatherers. There are chestnut trees all along the eastern half of the loop, and this time of year the street is littered with the fuzzy-prickly burs and the smooth brown nuts. I've seen elderly Asian women picking them up the last few weeks and Saturday morning I was able to see the customer of the harvest: an older gentleman was sitting on the sidewalk snacking on the nuts. Except for some slight IT band pain near the end of the run, I felt pretty good. Not good enough for the 7 miler I had planned on Sunday, but good enough to do an easy 5. Now it's time to do all that other stuff I've been putting off (swimming, biking, hiking, yoga...).


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