Friday, October 04, 2002

It's time once again for the Friday Five!

1. What size shoe do you wear? Women's size 8, men's 6, European 37

2. How many pairs of shoes do you own? 20?

3. What type of shoe do you prefer (boots, sneakers, pumps, etc.)? I prefer boots in the winter, comfy sandels in the summer (Tevas, birks, etc)

4. Describe your favorite pair of shoes. Why are they your favorite? I have a pair of black boots, very chunky, slightly funky, very comfortable that I picked up on sale for $14. I like them because they are comfortable, look cools, and in boots I always feel ready for anything (like a superhero). :)

5. What's the most you've spent on one pair of shoes? About $200 for my knee high black boots

I way underestimated the number of pairs of shoes that I own. Remembering that I have 4 pairs of black boots alone was the trigger (low with chunky heel for work, knee high with low heel, low with higher heel, and my doc-looking-but-not-doc pair). Add to those 4:
Tevas (2 pairs, old ones ready for good will box)
Birks (same as above)
brown boots
hiking boots (again, old and new)
running shoes (3 pairs, soon to be 2)
climbing shoes (worn 3 times)
7 pairs dressy shoes (pumps of varying shades and styles)
3 pairs slides
3 flip flops
4 pairs dress shoes, not boots or heels
2 pairs doc's (brown and black)
2 pairs oxfords with my old uniforms (the white ones work great with my Princess Lea costume)

So that gets me up to 36, with at least 6 needing to go away. As big as the number sounds, I don't think it's excessive.


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