Monday, September 30, 2002

Tasting Notes

I've blatently stolen the title of this blog from one of my new favorites to read called "Eat, Drink, and Be Married." Whenever I have pretentions of being a foodie, Suzanne reminds me that I'm only a novice (but never in a condesending way). As she is a blogger as well as a food and wine lover in Seattle, maybe we'll meet if I ever get up the nerve to go to a blogger meet-up event.

Anyway, the real purpose for this entry is to rave about some of my wine tasting fav's from the weekend. I had a lovely jaunt down to San Fransisco last weekend, and spent Saturday in Sonoma County. Jeff and I rented bikes and visited about 5 vineyards for tasting (and buying). It's amazing some of the smells and tastes that are in different wines. Of course there are the typical jammy merlots, but we tasted one that smelled/tasted like olives, one like oysters, and one like jalapenos. The olive and jalapeno smells I had to be prompted for ("this smells like a savory snack, but I can't place it") but vineyard staff had never heard oyster as a flavor in that particular wine. It wasn't one that we particularly liked, but felt that we had to buy for a second opinion.


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