Wednesday, October 09, 2002

I'm starting to sound like a real leaner when I talk about NPR

I blogged the other day about the story I heard on NPR about "leaners," those folks who are paid to talk up a product at a bar or such place. As I was researching restaurants over the past few days, I ran across a review about a restaurant that wasn't a review at all. It was someone going on and on about some drink that they served there. (Note: I'm trying to find the link, but have been unsuccessful; sorry.) The lightbulb popped on: a leaner was using the user review feature to advertise their product! It was not very subtle, and was actually kind of a turn off. I've seen them in other places online, too.

I realized that sometimes when I ramble on and on about something that I love, I can sound like a leaner, too. And wondered... is this a new slang term? If not yet, well then, you heard it here first, folks! Next time someone raves about something like he/she is getting paid to do it, well, he/she is acting like a leaner.

Some examples of when bloggers are leaners:
Me about NPR, Legend Brown Ale, orange Luna bars, books by Anne Tyler or Tom Robbins, (the list grows)
Jeff or Kris about Mac's
Brigita about Buffy
Max about TIVO


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