Monday, October 07, 2002

The best investment I've made..

...this week was my contribution to the local NPR station during its pledge drive. I usually just listen in the car and while getting ready for work, but I've been listening off and on tonight. Luckily (?), I left work early enough to catch the end of President Bush's speech. I only just realized (thru BBC radio, on right now, makes me feel like I'm living abroad) that I'm in the minority having heard it live, since it wasn't broadcast on the big 3 TV networks. At home, I had the pleasure of listening (for the first time) to On the Media. There was an entertaining story about leaning ("viral marketing"). This is the new advertising technique where an attractive person very publicly orders and speaks about a product, to create an advertising buzz. I put this in the category of "if you're not cheating, you're not trying hard enough," as I don't see it as unethical or illegal, but some are very upset about this process. I'd try a new drink because of a buzz like this to see if I like it, but hope that I'm not so weak minded that I would let an attractive stranger influence my drinking habits despite my personal taste. If I were, then let the advertisers enjoy their victory.

What do you think?


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