Monday, October 21, 2002

Weekend Update

It was fun having a normal, no-travel, no-training weekend. It was pretty lazy, with the typical mix of errands, movies, and cooking. Errands and cooking took on an Eastern twist on Saturday. Jeff introduced me to Uwajimaya, the huge Asian grocery store in Seattle's International District. I love seeing all of the different spices, snacks, and seafood delicacies on the shelves. The shop is very western friendly with a typical American supermarket feel and labels in English (as opposed to other Asian markets I've been in). We stocked up on sushi supplies for dinner as well as some snacks and staples for later. I just ate a kimchi flavored noodle bowl for breakfast.

While I've eaten others' home-made sushi before, this was my first time behind the counter. I overcooked the edaname a bit, but other than that, everything was great. I managed to make a very tasty spicy tuna roll and tuna sashimi, while Jeff made some beautiful California rolls and nigiri with more tuna and unagi.

We finished up the feast and hopped in the car to go downtown to see Dennis Miller perform. I haven't really listened to him since I watched him on SNL in high school, and didn't realize how conservative he is (has become?). Regardless of my thoughts about his very overt political views, he was very funny. I was shaking my head one minute and shrieking with laughter the next. My favorite part is when he giggles at himself.

One of Dennis' rants was against Congressman Jim McDermott, the Washington State dove to Miller's hawk. I went to church on Sunday morning (for the first time in many months) and guess who was sitting in on the service? Not Mr. Miller. McDermott had just participated in a forum at the church that I unfortunately missed, and had stayed on to hear the children's choir. He received a standing ovation from the congregation. I love Unitarians.

Well, that's the news. I am outta here.


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