Saturday, October 26, 2002

Trail Note Hiatus

I've been on a few runs this past week, post marathon, and despite short distances and an easy pace, I have been having trouble with my knees. The more I learn about ITBS (Iliotibial Band Syndrome), the more certain I am that I have it and that I shouldn't mess around with trying to run through it. Therefore, I have decided to take a month off from running. This is kind of scary, actually, but I figure that a few weeks off now will mean less chance of knee surgery later.

In order to maintain some level of fitness, I've decided to ramp up my swimming plans (this means actually getting into a pool, rather than just talking about it). I went swimming for the first time in many many months yesterday and the second time this morning. I feel pretty good, other than the usual side effects (dry skin, limp hair, sleepy eyes, rampant hunger). The hunger side effect didn't really last too long, as I've been eating constantly. I'm actually a much better swimmer than I am a runner: I've been swimming much longer that I've been running and am more physically built for swimming (I certainly don't have the thin, leggy build of a runner).

While the pool is not the gym, it's interesting getting back into the world of the locker room. I'm less self-conscious about showering with strangers than I used to be. This morning there was an aqua-aerobics class after lap swim, so as I was showering after my swim, the women going to class were taking their pre-class rinse-offs. The aqua-aerobics crowd seemed to be made up of older, heavier participants than the lap swimmers. One of these women looked at us (lap-swimmers) showering and said to me that she would come shower near us hoping some of our youthful energy would rub off on her. Seeing my body through her eyes was an interesting paradigm shift. It helped me view my body as young, strong, healthy, and beautiful. Maybe if I stand near her more, more of that feeling will rub off on me.


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