Monday, October 28, 2002

The theme of the weekend: Martha Madness

As I was recounting my weekend to a co-worker this morning, I realized that I had quite the Martha Stewart weekend.

It all began when I brought the October issue of Living along with me to brunch on Saturday for inspiration (I didn't find any, but had a very tasty meal).

Most of Saturday was spent planning, purchasing, and constructing the spider and web costumes. The spider was very simple, and worked really well. I had the inspiration on Saturday morning of constructing my 4 extra legs out of 2 pairs of black tights, stuffed with clothing (mostly dark socks and t-shirts). I then pinned them stratigically to the inside a black fleece vest, attached some string to the ends and to my wrist so that all my arms would move together and, voila, I was a spider! I added an atomic symbol to my back and put on a black ballcap with atomic symbol (from my last ship) and green goggly glasses to become radioactive. The web was hand-knotted with silvery yarn and then the victims (Harry Potter, his friend Ron, and Frodo the hobbit) were tied up and attached along with some spider babies. It was then attached at the head, shoulders, wrists, and knees.

The Jack-o-Spider was Sunday's more complicated project. We carved a large round pumpkin for the body, a smaller pumpkin for the head, and 24 winter squash for the 8 segmented legs. Jeff carved a very frightening fanged face with large, meshed eyes, and cool patterns on the body, while I drilled lots of holes in the legs. We then strung the spider up so that it's hanging from the porch, filled with x-mas tree lights (put them on a timer, and it's maintenance free). It looks fantastic. It has a bit of an octopus look to it, since the legs curl up, not down, but it's very freeky and scary and big. I took a couple photos, so perhaps I'll be able to get them developed and posted soon.

What made me feel very Martha-ish is that we interupted Sunday's craft activities to create a lovely dinner of pork chops stuffed with apples, onions, and fresh herbs, accompanied by braised escarole with garlic, and mashed acorn squash with nutmeg and brown sugar. We celebrated the completion of our weekend projects with homemade apple pie. It was a very autumnal meal.

Martha showed up to the costume party I attended Saturday night, simply attired in her black and white striped prison garb. Across the country, my mom dressed up as Martha with various tips pinned to her costume: household and entertaining tips, stock tips, and a request for legal tips.

Weekend summary: it was a good thing.


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