Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Picking Up Sticks

I was on the phone with my new interim manager (who is in Richmond VA) today, informing him about what I do, when he interrupted me: "You know what's headed our way right now, arriving on Thursday."

"Yes," I replied (having been following the story since my parents first told me about it on our Sunday phone call).

"Well, there's a guy outside of my office picking up sticks right now. Not big sticks all over the sidewalk or anything, but picking little twigs out of the mulch. I think he's going to have a lot more sticks to worry about in a couple of days."

"Maybe he's practicing," was my none-too-clever response.

To all of you on the East Coast preparing for Isobel right now, my thoughts are with you. I'm flying in Saturday morning to spend the weekend with my parents on the Northern Neck then working in Richmond next week. I guess I should start practicing picking up sticks.


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