Sunday, September 07, 2003

It's fall, it's Sunday, it's the USA, that means it's time for...


I'm not personally the biggest football fan. I went to a school where the football season was just passing time until basketball season began; I live in a town known for their baseball team; I never played football; and I don't really have that much respect for a sport that appears to be based on overweight men tackling each other. All that being said, I love football season. I guess the primary reason is that it means that it's autumn, which is my hands-down favorite season. And like all things special about fall, it's about family and tradition. No, no one in my family played football, but on Sunday afternoons in the fall, the TV and radios all over the house were tuned in to the NFL. My dad is a die-hard Redskins fan (good game, guys!!), and flies the flag (literally) every time they play. When I lived alone, I never turned on a football game. Now that I have a red-blooded male housemate, the home TV is once again tuned in to football on Sunday afternoons. This is a good thing.

What I do not enjoy about televised football: the beer ads. I am a beer fan. I purchase a lot of beer. I also have been known to watch football games on TV. I am not, however, the target audience for beer ads. Fortunately for Coors and Miller, I would not buy their beer regardless of their ads (Bud, on the other hand has ads that might actually cause me to buy one or two). The ads seem to comprise of boorish guys who manage to attract Playboy models based on the beer that they are drinking. Sadly for them, those beers aren't even strong enough to make real guys drunk enough to believe that Playboy models might like them based on their beer choices. I just noticed today that IBM is one of the sponsors of the NFL on CBS. How come IBM doesn't have ads showing regular guys using IBM products and attracting the Swedish Bikini Team? Perhaps IBM is not basing their advertising on beer goggling... Just wondering.


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