Friday, September 05, 2003

The Friday Guy

Like most offices these days, we have to badge into the office, and there are contracted security guards watching the process as we enter the building. As we badge in, the security guards can see our information (name, etc) flash up on their screen, which means that they can quickly learn our names, while I have no means (other than the obvious asking them, which I don't do) to know theirs. One of the these security guards (the one who is routinely at the desk in the mornings) is the Friday Guy. Every morning when I come in, we exchange good mornings (he includes my name, I have no idea of his), he asks how I'm doing (answer is always "fine") and when I ask how he is, he comments about the day of the week:
"As good as I can be for a Monday"
"We're one day closer to Friday"
"it's Wednesday; halfway to Friday"
"well, tomorrow's Friday; we're getting close"
"I'm doing great, 'cause it's Friday!"

I never have to worry that I'll forget the day of the week.


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