Sunday, September 07, 2003


My comments haven't been up for several days now, and will be down for at least a few more:

Rate Your Music and YACCS are unavailable due to a server failure.

Estimated time for fix: September 9, 7PM EST

At least they have a clearly communicated plan for a fix, and seem to be on track so far:

Action ETA Status
Order parts for new server Wed, Sept. 3 Done
Parts arrive Thu, Sept. 4 Done
Build Server Thu, Sept. 4 Done
Install OS/Software Fri, Sept. 5 Done
Test Server Fri, Sept. 5 - Mon, Sept. 8 In Progress
Ship Server Mon, Sept. 8 waiting
Server arrives Tue, Sept. 9, 5pm EST waiting
Server is installed Tue, Sept. 9, 7pm EST waiting



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