Sunday, September 07, 2003

The Fall Fitness Challenge is ON!

Some of the folks at work who rode the Courage Classic with me (don't forget to sponsor me for next year's CC), have decided that they are ready for a new fitness challenge. Refocusing their energies to running, they have decided to run the Seattle 1/2 Marathon. I ran this race in 2001, and while the half-marathon wasn't too bad, have sworn off ever running the Seattle Marathon (of which the half is an abbreviated course). It is hilly, with the hills coming in the last 5 miles, and it's held the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, when the weather is pretty much guaranteed to be cold and rainy. I'm doubtful that I'll be in town that Sunday (I have training in Virginia the following week), so I was a little lukewarm about the plans.

All that being said, I'm joining them in training for a Half Marathon. It's a terrific running challenge, and a great stepping stone to the full marathon. It's become one of my favorite race distances, in fact. The last 2 years Jeff and I have run in the Vancouver "First Half" half-marathon, which have been a couple of my favorite and best races ever. Training for a half is just about right, too. It gets you in great running form, pushing me to get those regular training runs and weekly long runs in, without all of the time and stress on the body required of the full marathon.

What is great about the Seattle Half is that it's 12 weeks away; plenty of time for someone in decent shape to prepare. Hal Higdon has a 13 week training plan that looks very managable.

I'll be trying to track my training progress on-line and encourage anyone who has wanted to step their running plan up a notch to join in and follow along at home. I'll also be trying to figure out a way to run in the Seattle Half without actually being in Seattle.

Now, it's time to get running! Who's with me?


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