Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Luxury Lite

Today was the first running of the 1/2 marathon club after work today. I took a couple of people on a slow, 3 mile "orientation run" through the trails behind our building. My office is located in the shadow of a major lumber / paper company, and this company has miles of wooded trails that make for beautiful pre-, mid-, or post-work runs. Since few at work have discovered this, I had a chance to show them off today.

The weather changed from summer to fall on Sunday, and today was another coolish (temps in the 60's) misty day. This was perfect weather for running, but I got chilled on the 40 minute drive home in my running clothes, despite the heated defrosted air.

I'm too cheap to have a hot tub, and too lazy to clean my tub enough for a bath, so instead I took a hot shower and did something crazy. I drank some cold beer in the shower. It's not quite as convenient to sip as in a hot tub or bath, and I didn't really take more than a few sips, but the sensation of the cold beer with the hot water was pretty great.

Yeah, fall!


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